APTEAN Joining letter

Did anyone got DOJ after recieving the offer letter?

No, joining date is 2nd November. They will send a mail tomorrow hopefully.

Yes. They are not sending any confirmation mail

@palak_2926181 @devanshi_3374356
If you have time, could you please share your interview experience?
Thank you.

Got any joining mail??

Yeah, did you?

Yeah… What’s your joining date???

2nd nov

@palak_2926181 @devanshi_3374356

Guys, first of all congrats !! U both have cleared all the rounds of Aptean.

I got a call from Aptean too…it would be great if u would share ur experience…like the pattern n level of the written tests.

Plzz can u tell what was ur score?

I don’t think they are going to write back.
I searched the whole forum and found these posts about Aptean. Hope these would be helpful.

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@konika_3264228 the process is like first round will be online aptitude test. It will be of moderate level .
Then 2nd round will be written technical in which they will give you some Technical MCQ questions and some codes to write. Then after clearing these rounds there will be F2F technical and MR rounds accordingly… they r focussing mainly on technical knowledge.
All de best to you…:slight_smile:

thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Technical MCQs based on some language or what?
and wbt the level of code if there could be some example…is there any choice of language of code?