Aptean process

Anyone who has gone through aptean and webyog interview process? i am in need of a help.

  1. Does aptean conduct all rounds in single day?

  2. What are the hot topics to prepare for webyog?

aptean process is
1 round 50 aptitude question (22 min time)easy level
2 round 17 questions (technical,aptitude)(30 min time)
3 round f2f technical
4 th round managerial(technical+hr) depends on interviewer
topics:sql,oops,testing,java,c++,final year project

did you shortlisted for webyog?what is ur score…when did you get webyog shortlisted mail


yes for me aptean took all rounds in single day

Thank you… My score is 94 95 94

isn’t there any coding round??
could u please tell me more about the 2nd round?
when did u appear?
and what all in java,sql,oops ??

2 nd round is pen and paper in which they asked 2 programs(you have to write)15 questions are objective(testing,os,c programs,aptitude).
2 programs are convert ever words first letter to capital in a sentence,i can’t remember the other.
I attended interview on 15 sep.

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basics in all those topics is enough

Thanks a ton bro…