Status in elitmus Dashboard

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Hi Friends,

what does “confirm” status means in eLitmus dashboard?

Please answer my question.


Depends on when it changed to confirmed and the company …

Yes, That is ok …but what does it mean…Is it says I am selected?

I guess it just means you accepted the call letter and hence is expected to attend the selection process…

its mean you attempted the selection process. thats all

Will they change the Status? Because its almost 1 month I can see the status Confirm…

which company status is as confirmed in your account? I have cleared all the rounds of interview with CGI and since february status is confirmed and didn’t get the offer letter yet

Amadeus…held on 5th March 2016 for 1 year exp.

What does offered and applied status means.

Generally , offered means that the company for which you were interviewed for has shortlisted you and informed about that to elitmus , and applied means your interview is in process and the company has not yet shared the result . But ,sometimes you get a joining even when it shows applied as company might mail you directly about joining ,without informing elitmus .

I think some times companies forgot to inform e-litmus team about candidate status because i attempted webyog in nov 2015 but status is still confirm and i didn’t get any call from webyog directly.

If the status is Confirm, and we did not get any mail from company…should we assume, we are not selected for the next round? or we should contact e-litmus team?

Because, I had a word with e-litmus team , all the time they say they will update but its been 3 weeks they didn’t updated.

Please share your experience Anu.

yes, i had same experience.they told me that status will be changed after 1 week but…since its been around 4-5 months and status is still confirm.
the other thing…webyog is starting hiring for 2016 batch…so i assume that i am not selected.

What the exact meaning of applied in the status.becz thay have mention so many there any changes of getting cl frm cmpy

Applied means you showed your interest to attend that particular company…but, not got shortlisted to attend the interview.

I am also looking for an update on my status for Cogneau. This FAQ might help.

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I have attended the interview and got selected aslo…but know its showing me applied.

you attended the interview as experienced or fresher?

The requirements was 2 months
to 1 yr exp.Acatly i have given all the round of interview and got mail from elitmus and accenture also that i have selected .and HR also called me saying that u will receive offr letter sooner.but afterwards no prcess held i mail the accenture and call elitmus also bt dint get any positive reply.
but today i got mail from elitmus saying that to fill EAF form again some discrepancy in the EAF form

ok …, then i guess u need to fill that form and wait for your offer letter… they might be processing all the offer letters who got selected in the earlier drives… what is the status showing now in your portal… is it offered or applied?