Customised technologies on 11th Sept

What can we expect from the customised technologies interview to be held on 11th sept. like what is the selection pattern and topics from which questions will be asked as they haven’t mentioned anything.

They have a no smoking and drinking bond. They also want you to work 6 days a week. They’ll ask maths questions mostly.

In the first round, they will ask 5 questions to be done in 15 min. The questions as I remember are

1.a decimal to hexadecimal conversion
1.b octal to decimal

  1. some pipe and cistern question

  2. Draw the Venn diagram of A union (B intersection C)

  3. Prove that diagonals of a parallelogram are equal.

One question I don’t remember.

I was rejected in the first round so can’t tell you about next rounds.


Conversions are programming questions or simple maths one

So they want a software engg. Graduate or a mathematician

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The company works on metric and instruments. That’s why they need you to be strong in mathematics!

I made it to the second round. Second round was quite difficult. One question was related to the pixels of television. I don’t quite remember but it was something like finding out the data transfer rate given the number of pixels per frame and number of frames.

Another ques was to write a generalized code for finding the determinant of a matrix.

And even if you get selected, they,ll ask you to work in company for a week and then will decide whether you are a good asset to company or not.


BTW, is it a gud enough company for a fresher who wants to go in development

Simple maths one.

Diagonals of the parallelogram cann’t always be equal.

Has any one got call?

I have applied but didn’t get call.
What was your score?

i applied yesterday, till now no call
anyone got call?

I also applied yesterday. Wait for couple of days, they will surely give the calls.

170 .urs?
May be i will not get a call my quants % is less…

My score was 115 yet I got a call from them. So don’t worry


thats fine …but when did u get the call?@shailesh
maybe your quants % is much better than me,because i heard that the company looks for your analytical skill.

mine was on 29 July.
My quant percentile is 88.

anyone got call?

not yet