Customised technologies on 11th Sept

any one got call?

I got a call. Can anyone help with what and where to prepare?

what is your score?

will they hold all rounds on same day or on different days??

86 quant 81 verbal 76 problem solving

Don’t know

Anyone else got the call ?

Are the interview rounds tough?

For embedded

yes i got,but in bit confusion ,i am in kolkata ,so not sure will i attain or not.
will u?
because they recruit little amount student…

Out of 5, how many u solved correctly i.e. what is the approx cutoff to clear the round?

What was the pattern of second round? Plus u faced the same ques as shailesh mentioned or some different set of questions?

bro can u plz tell about the written test regarding embedded ?
and the qs they asked in that test?

Topic is wrong. The event is on 13th Sept.

they also have events on 11 th sept.

Okay cool

Not much about the company is available online.
Any idea how the growth would be?
It’s a very small company

I got a call for 13th sept. Can anyone tell the exact process for embeded engineer???

In my view, I have done 4 correct and unable to attempt 1 question as time was over.

Try to solve all the questions, the cut off will be high.

Bro I have given for Software engineer, not much idea about Embedded.