Customized pvt ltd

in first attempt or 2nd

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second attempt

They mainly focus on quants score ,if u get 120 ,115 in total still u can get call but u should have gd quants %

i have 73 percentile in verbal
93 in logical
63 in quants
will i get a call …

VA 140 98.93
PS 45 90
QA 70 97.30

Still no call :neutral_face:

Here you can see the question of written test.

is this for the embedded engineer post?

13 th sept: embedded
11 th sept: software

This is for software engineer post.

Will all the recruitment process happen on tha same day?

Any one who attain todays interview ,can share ur experience or the qs they had asked?

What is your CGPA. I am asking because, even I didn’t get the call despite having good ph score. I doubt the reason is my low cgpa.

for s/w profile they’ll call only IT students.I guess you are non-IT

okay. may be. thanks

Did you get call for embedded profile?

no, i applied today

I did not get call from costomized
I score %tile
Quant 76
Prob. 85
Verbal 60

I got a call later on for embedded engineer profile. :sweat_smile:
CGPA is 7.02.
By the way I’m planning to skip it.

questions(first round)15 minute-
1>hexadecimal to decimal and decimal to hexadecimal conversions.
2>numer of bits and bytes in a given decimal number
3>pipe and cistern problem
4>venn’s diagram of (A U B U C)intersection(B U A)
5>given that all sides of a quadilateral are equal and short diagonal is 1/2 of the long diagonal.
find the length of the sides.

I exactly don’t know the criteria. 80+ percentile in quants and PS I guess.