Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Can anybody let me know what are the fields required to be filled in the mail that is received from Adecco ? And why they have asked about current CTC and expected CTC( as it is already mentioned in the description) ? And what should I reply to ‘current notice period’ and ‘Notice Period/Time to Join Post Receiving Offer’ ?


why is it asking expected CTC ?
Is it fixed or variable for everyone based on current CTC ?


Got offer letter after providing the filled forms in reply to that mail.


Today, I got another offer letter with revised Date of Joining by Adecco.
Is there anyone who has got the revised offer letter.


What exactly did you reply to expected CTC ?


What did u write in expected CTC column ?


hey… what is your revised date of joining…?
And you got the joining letter from addeco or from cisco…?


I have the same doubt


And why are they asking us to attach last 3 month’s salary slip?


Hey Ayushi…after how many days of ur interview, u got mail from adecco…??


It’s 5th November 2018.


Yes me along with many others. My revised joining date is 5th of November 2018.
What about you???




5th November is the new date


Same date bro


Is that CTC mentioned in your offer letter as well ?


Exactly what I was wondering about. I’m not sure tho if it is absolutely necessary to attach the salary slips as a lot of people might not have them.


Yes, the CTC in offer letter is also same.

If you are currently working somewhere, then u need to submit payslips for 3 months otherwise not.


I left my last job in July and haven’t joined anywhere since. Do I need to produce salary slips?


Hey!! Did you have your interview on 6th Oct Amity, Delhi ? If yes, when did you get this mail from Cisco ?