Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Hey Ayushi, Did u get any further communication from elitmus or cisco? I was also told that I am selected for the job and will be contacted in a week but haven’t received any further communication.


Check ur mail you would have received the mail from Komal from adeco yesterday. Regarding some of your documents details


hello guys… first of all congratulations to all of you who got selected after the bangalore interview…!
I just want to ask what is your job location like is it bangalore… or u were given choice to tell your preference for the location…?


No Location Choice were asked and as of now it’s not very sure that we would be working in Bangalore.Yes,the chances are high that ,at least for the people who were interviewed at Bangalore location,work location too would be Bangalore.


okk… thanks🙂


hello Guys today i got a mail for cisco from home take apti round but i am little bit confused they were say u have first given home test after u got a mail then u have a another test in 6 oct .
i want anyone tell me what they ask in home test


did you get your confirmation mail ?


Me too got the mail regarding this hone test


Yes, Today I got the offer letter for joining at bangalore location.


Hey, can you help with the interview questions? That I should prepare?


You should be well prepared to anything that is there on your resume. Be ready to answer aptitude and reasoning questions while interview. U may be given a situation to resolve an issue related to some appliances at home to ur mom or dad over a phone call. So, answer it properly.
Technical Questions will be asked to those only who belong to networking or IT background. If u belong to other backgrounds, be prepared with ur own field as they ask tech questions from ur branch also.


Hi everyone,
I have my technical and managerial rounds on 6th Oct in Delhi. What should I prepare and study for these rounds?


did u get Admit card for 6 oct event ?


Yes I received a new admit card


Hy everyone got for 15th oct?


Same date for me too…


Anyone here who got mail for background check and didnt get offer letter?


Did you previously reply to the mail from Adecco ? Or you straightaway got the offer letter?


Hi! I am from the NCR drive and got the same mail. Was just wondering whether you guys have filled the same and got an offer letter?


Yes, we got the offer letter.