Cisco TAC | 2016/17

I am Civil Engineer. Can I apply for Cisco TAC? And what is the interview process. Do they ask hardcore coding in their interview process??


They haven’t mentioned any stream specialization so I think you can. If you have knowledge regarding networking and basic programming and DBMS then go ahead.

Heyy what do they mean by contract basis? Is Cisco not offer a full time job??

Yes, I think a contract of 2 years .
And regarding the interview process from what I’ve read, first would be an objective round on C, DBMS and Networking (medium to tough) and after one week to this will be interview day for the selected candidates ( 2 rounds technical and 1 managerial). Now I am not sure the first round of written test will happen in Bangalore or not as in the previous drive it was mentioned that first round would occur in 8 major cities( not mentioned which ones) but nothing is mentioned as such in ours. If anyone knows anything otherwise, kindly share.

Currently I’m in Delhi so should I apply? If I get selected in 1st round then I’ll go to Bangalore for 2nd round. But do you know if they will conduct written test in delhi?

Not sure. I am also in Kolkata and no idea whether will get shortlisted or the process for us will be same or not. I think will get to know after 5th Dec as it is the last date to apply.

i am also in delhi , but i have applied to it. i am not able to make any decision, is it worth going to bangalore even if they call us for the 1st round in bangalore only?

Of course its worth it bro. Don’t leave a good opportunity.
You can move temporarily here and attend many events.
I am from Kolkata but staying in Bangalore.

Thanx bro! I will try to come to bangalore


they are recruting for technical support profile ??? they mention their

Yes, it is mentioned as TAC so its for Technical Assistance Center

Anyone knows first round will be also in Bangalore or not?

It should be in Bangalore. Since there was only one option while selecting evaluation location.

bro r u going to the banglore for the first round …as i m from merrut n i also got n interview calll

Yes bro! I am going.
And thanks to @wali_3319673 , he is really helpful. Good luck bro

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Thats the spirit!
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can anyone please tell me about the job profile of Cisco?
Is it calling based?
And also I wanted to know about this contract thing?

Yes, it is call based, but it is not a BPO job. You will be solving/assisting in technical routing/switching related problems which require in depth knowledge of Networking. As you may have observed the pay is 6.5 LPA so this is a great profile.

If you love networking the profile is for you. After 4 months of training you will have a great knowledge in this field. (CCNA)

Cisco is hiring candidates in this profile on contract basis. I’m not sure about whether it is 1 or 2 years. But if you are hard working they will surely absorb you or you may get an increment. You can even go in depth of networking acquiring higher certifications which will greatly help you.


I’m Kaushik, a 2015 pass out from PESIT south, bangalore in ECE. I wrote the eLitmus test in 2015 when I heard Cisco is hiring contract based positions for TAC through this. I got like 94 in math, 82 in Verbal and 28 in problem solving, I applied to Cisco anyway and got selected for next round in which there were Networking, Programming and DBMS MCQ’s. Don’t remember how much I scored but around 300 of us from India were selected for interview process in Bangalore.

Round 1 - Networking basics, they’ll ask you fundamentals and stuff like “explain how a packet traverses from your PC to the internet”. Be good with networking fundamentals (dhcp, dns, basic ip/tcp stuff).

Round 2 - Managerial round, only few people had this (many got hired even without managerial round). It was a senior manager who asks you some basic interpersonal stuff. This round should be chill, actually even round 1 was chill but you should be confident and prepared with the fundamentals.

I got confirmation and offer letter about 2-3 weeks later I think.

They divide the batch of freshers into different technologies (routing, switching, security, collaboration etc)

They then trained us for CCNA for 2 weeks , CCNA - security for 2 weeks, CCNP Security for 1 month, then you move into your respective technology teams. I moved into the Firewall team.

It was a good ride! But yes, you’re still at the beginning of this ride. Prepare as much as you can for the interviews, be confident and you’ll get it. Don’t worry it’s not the end of line for those who didn’t, work smartly and you’ll eventually make your way through.

Good luck!


I have applied for Cisco tac…I have completed my CCNA certification but the 1st round questions will be on c language and DBMS and I am not well verse with that part…so could u please suggest from where to study DBMS and c and what is the level of questions