Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Is it from


Yah exactly!! Previously you were told that you have been shortlisted & you will get a mail?


In 2017 people also get the mails from third party


Anyone freshers here for CISCO?


Shall I create a whtasapp group?




Yeah Manish create


I also got the same mail .Are we employed by cisco or adecco ?


Payroll will be adecco but will be working in cisco office just our salary will get credited from adeco




Did anyone asked from elitmus about it?


Recieved the mail just now for 6 October drive


Same here


Hello faiz,my exam and interview is on 6 October.
Can you tell me how was the mcqs paper.


Hi, please tell how to prepare for the interview ?


Just be confident and brush up all the skills mentioned in your resume.Go through networking basics and prepare well how all the OSI layer works and you are good to go :slight_smile:All d best


Hi Ananad… Most of the C questions were to find error and output…few questions from sql queries and that was basic … Networking questions were good…it was easy but tricky as well…I think if u have good networking knowledge and know the logic of c program …u can easily ■■■■■ it


Thank you.


Thanks faiz but can you provide one example in networking so that I can prepare well for it.


Hi Anand
Examples are like range of private , public address,port numbers , different protocols running on osi layers etc…