Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Hii any 1 coming to amity noida for written on 29 . .any help regarding the test is appreciated but please let me know how to prepare in 2-4 hrs time nly for this test


i am comingā€¦though i have the same thoughts. And do we have to be in formalsā€¦? lol


Can i take admit card in phone for the cisco test


Please take a hard copy. They will collect it.


Did anyone who appeared for the interview on 22 September hear anything from Cisco or Elimus??




whats your score ?


Anyone who has attended 29th sept cisco driveā€¦could please share how was the whole processā€¦


Is there a drive in Banglore on 6th ? And can I change my preferred location from ncr to Banglore? I havenā€™t accepted the invite yet.


Hi Aman,

Did you get any call or mail from cisco after the final round.I was told iam shortlisted but I havenā€™t got any call or email.


Not Yet


I get mail asking details and background information.


Hey abhishek you got the mail from cisco directly or there was a third party involved?


Third party


you got a mail from adecco?


Anyone got mail for shortlisting, after the test of 29th Sept , delhi ?


Yes :slight_smile: you too get the mail?


Me too got mail today.


Not yet


yah,but Is it fake or real? I got a mail asking all the details and it has 2 attachments-Address of stay and onboarding form right?