Career is a Marathon

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In few more months - you would complete your engineering and set on a Marathon called Career. It will last 35 -40 years.

At eLitmus, over 12+ years, we have seen many a careers make or break. It was our duty to share learnings so that freshers of today can become successful professionals of tomorrow.

Career is a marathon - don’t run it like 100 m sprint

Your career will be 35-40 year long. You cannot win it by running first 100m fast.

Your 2-5 year seniors still see it as a sprint, so its important to not only hear them but also reach out to 35 / 40 / 45/ 50 / 55 year olds so that you know what is in the race ahead.

So if you talk to a 25 year old professional, s/he will tell you to get ahead in career it is important is to change jobs or learning hot technologies.

In contrast a 45 year old professional will say how going that extra mile in your current job will ensure you have a job at age of 45. Why ? Because s/he is seeing 10+ years professionals being laid all around.

75% of engineers who start in IT industry this year will not have job 20 years later

Wondering why ? Could it have been avoided ? Yes !! We will soon tell you how ? Keep pondering on both questions in the meanwhile.

In meanwhile here are some links for you to quickly validate what we say. Remember majority of this news does not come out in media !! Also these are not start ups but large companies including MNCs. Are companies to blame ? Answer is no !!

Verizon layoff :


Cisco :

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Team eLitmus

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Really nice to see team eLitmus posting here. Nice insights. Additionally, Automation and AI will also play a part in shaping future jobs.

Also, any updates as to when Accenture will actually roll out offers?

Thank you

This is really scary, as a fresher, news of people being laid off because of the Automation and newer technologies hitting the market with higher demands than ever! What should one do then? Should we be focus on being the best at newer technologies? or Should we focus ourselves for an area that is more stable and secure? As a matter of fact, there are plenty of topics like Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and many more to focus our mind to but in the long run would that be worth it? Perhaps, adaptation is the only way. Nevertheless, a great great post to read, thank you @uday_3317302 !