The Big "O" which determines your Career


Dronacharya had 106 students - 100 Kauravs, 5 Pandavs, 1 Eklavya.

Out of the above only 2 were good archers - Arjuna and Eklavya . Why not all 106 ?


" What can we do? Our College Placement Cell is not getting enough companies!"

That was the reply I received from a bunch of final year students of a famous college of Noida; when I quizzed them at an eatery on what they are doing to find jobs. It is my favourite question in all settings where people do not know me.

“How many companies visited?”, I probed further.

“Some 30-32”, was their reply.

“That is a lot of companies. So what happened?”,I asked.

“Their expectation was too high” replied two of them in chorus.


“Yaar I am getting bored sitting at home. Hope XYZ will give a joining date soon”

Above is the typical crib of a candidate with campus offer and delayed joining date.


“What can I do ? There is no good work in my company”

The above is the reason majority of experienced candidates give during an interview for not knowing what is expected from a person with their experience.


Golden first rule of your career - “It is your career. No one else is responsible to make it successful. No point blaming others - be it your college, placement officer, company , boss. You need to take OWNERSHIP”.

Remember Dronacharya and training was common, but only 2 out of 106 students mastered archery !!

Yes the big “O” is the Ownership. You and only you are responsible for your career.

Simple suggestion - Donate Rs 100 to a needy person, every time you find yourself blaming others - be it your placement cell, selection process or your employer.

This is a small step but you will start seeing wonders - be it your search for first job or your long term career.

Get up and take charge !!

Career is a Marathon

Such an inspiring post! I’m really inspired for this to take action. It is really true that it is our career and it is not anyone else but us to improve. I hope this helps someone to take action, to do something better than yesterday. This really helped me, @aseem_marwah_1105647! Thank you. Have a nice day.