Companies can't find fresher AND freshers can't find jobs - Why?

Guess what scares eLitmus’ employees the most, now a days ?

  • An old customer calling up

And here’s why

  • They are in all probability calling up to use eLitmus platform to get “quality” talent

But that should be a good news, why are employees scared ??

  • It is raining fresher jobs - need to hire freshers is highest we have ever seen at eLitmus
  • Majority of the times customer would have switched jobs and wants eLitmus to repeat the magic we did at their old employer
  • Requirement for freshers is so high that eLitmus is able to fill 65% of positions against historical average of 90+% !!
  • So what is the point of taking up a new customer?

But media and freshers are saying there are no jobs!! Why ?

  • Large companies, including IT services and Indian arm of product companies, run on processes. They are too big to let one junior person free to improve things.
  • High capability fresher finds himself/herself a misfit in this environment where he/she is using a fraction of his/her abilities.
  • To get over that problem, companies in this bracket, continuously lowered the barrier of selection/ quality of hires. We all have heard jokes on their selection process/ talent quality - they are not completely untrue.

Hiring in these set of companies is down.

Getting into companies like these was easy - it was about exploiting the loopholes. For example you just needed to have taken admission in a college visited by these companies by hook or crook and bingo you were there !!

So this is the reason there is gloom. Free lunches are gone. They were anyways not meant to stay.

Who are hiring now?

  • Companies which want to grow.
    • The kind of companies we discussed above are not delivering value to their customers. Years of hiring below average talent means many poor hires are now managers and unable to drive growth
    • So the innovative / agile companies are stepping in and growing at their expense. These are the companies which want people

There are so many fresh engineers. Why are they finding tough to hire ?

  • They do not want to make the same mistake and be saddled with below par talent

Do they have a tough selection process?

  • Majority of them don’t , few do

So, why these companies are not finding talent?

  • Well it is just this that majority of candidates do not know what companies want and are doing all the wrong preparations/ home work

Then how to ‘c.r.a.c.k’ a job?

  • eLitmus is more keen to help you get the job, than you are to have one. This is because eLitmus does not want companies hiring through its portal go empty handed.
  • Over next few weeks there will be articles to help you improve your capabilities to land the right job. Stay glued here to adda.