Can I expect any call for this score?

Verbal - 46.35 percentile
Problem solving - 79.57 percentile
Quantative - 80.45 percentile

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Check my post here.
You need to work on your Verbal Ability.

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Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

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Sir , my total score is 101,
Will i get any calls ?

A score more than 140 is required to get calls from MNCs.

Take some time. Prepare well.
Try to score at least 80 percentile in all sections.

Elitmus – 75 percentile ( Verbal–71, problem solving – 82, Quants – 72)
Please tell what are my chances of geting interview calls from companies.

You will get calls from some companies. If you have above 70 in, x and xii then don’t worry much.

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My scores are
Quant 81.43
Verbal 80.79
Problem solving 68
Please tell me the chances of getting calls from good companies…

Yes, you will get calls. Don’t worry. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you… :blush: great relief :slight_smile:

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My score in ps and quant is 99 percentile but in verbal it is only 69 percentile. Can i expect calls or should i give it again focussing on verbal?

Yes. Many companies are going to call you.

Hey, This is my ph score, Will this be enough to get interview calls or shall i give the test again.
QA-87.25 Percentile
PS-75.75 Percentile
VA-74.60 Percentile

Its enough to get calls.
It also depends on your academics(X & XII). Some companies 60+ while some want 70+.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

my ph score is
QA- 97
PS - 86
VA - 54
B.Tech- 80.5
12th - 89.2
can i get calls from companies


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My scores are:
Verbal 95 %ile
Quant 86 %ile
Problem Solving 88 %ile
I have above 70% marks in 10th and 12th.
I still haven’t received any call from a single company.
Do I need to make any changes in my profile or I just need to wait for a call?

You scores are good.
Which jobs did you apply?
Which batch are you?

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I am a fresher (2017 batch)
I have applied for cleartrip.

It sometimes happens.
What does your application status show?
Keep trying. Your marks are good. You will get calls.