Should i retake ph test

Your quants score is not above 70. That may cause some problem. i would recommend you to retake because ece students must have very good percentile because companies prefer cse/it. SO to get an edge get very good percentile.

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shivam my total score is 97 so in this score which type of company will call me for further round

I guess rarely any company. They expect 140+ score.

shubham can you suggest me the topic of quant which i will prepare thoroughly which help me to get 90% in quant section

You need not study the full syllabus and try 20/20 questions.
5 to 6 correct will get you a good percentile.

Do these topics:-

  • Number Systems
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability
  • Geometry (only if you are comfortable and find geometry easy/interesting. If not go for Logarithms)
  • Time & Work (Extra, to be on the safe side. Because when I gave the test there were no questions asked from Probability)

Check this website-
You will get a lot of questions, and believe me some of the questions repeat. So try to check all the questions from the respective topic.

You also need to work on your Verbal Ability. At least 75 percentile will be good in verbal.
As Shubham said, you need to keep your total score above 140 to get calls from MNCs.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sir, i gave my exam on 20th august 2017. still i did not get the results… generally how many days will it take to get the results?

eLitmus specifies that the results will get published in 18 working days. So hold tight.

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I also gave the test on August 20th. Since there were a few days holidays for Ganesh Chaturthi, results will be delayed.
eLitmus processes papers only on workings.

We will get by next week.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks dear

what about me?
my total score is 146

You scores are good. But 70+ in Quants would’ve been a plus
You might get calls from IT service based companies.
I don’t think product based will shortlist you.

You can apply to jobs. There are a couple of events in the first week of September. Go for it.
Wish you all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

ok so should i prepare for interviews or retake?

Apply for jobs and see. If you get a call then well and good.
If no companies shortlist you, you need to retake.

If you are CSE you might get a call. For non-CSE higher marks is required.

What are my chances, quants: 84%ile p.s:94%ile and verbal: 46ile. Total 129

Hi deepak,
Your Quants and PS are good. However, your verbal is low.
A total of 140+ marks is good to get a call from MNCs

Work on your verbal and retake the exam.

thank you

Sir I got 79.57 percentile in problem solving
86.70 percentile in Quantitative Section.
14 percentile in English.
78% in HighSchool, 76% in Intermediate 75% in Btech(CSE).
Should I retake test or I will get call from company or any MNC

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Hello Amit,
All you score are very good but your score in English is low.
You just need to work on your Verbal Ability.

Refer to CAT study materials.
A tip I would give is- There are 3 comprehensions given. Do only the 2 smaller ones and leave the lengthy one. Read it carefully at least 2 times and answer the questions.
You can watch videos by Dinesh Miglani on YouTube. Check his playlist, he has some good explanations.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much sir for helping me.

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