Can I expect any call for this score?

sir tell me about my score in elitmus… is this is good
verbal 48.08
problem 57.10
quant 87.25

Very less chance of getting calls.

You have to take the test again. Take some time, prepare well.
Read this-

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My Elitmus scores (percentiles)
Quant - 90.3
P.S - 57.3
Verbal - 96.8
My total score is 175

Will I get any calls from companies? I have applied for aptean but status is still apples.

Problem Solving score is low, and that is an important section.
Take a retest and try to score 85+ percentile in PS.

You can still apply to companies and see if you are getting calls. However, chances are less.

My score was(in %ile)
And 70+ percent in Xth and +2
66% in…
Should i expect any calls?

PS is a bit low.
Apply and see if you get calls. You will get some calls.
But trying again scoring 85+ in PS would get you shortlisted in almost all companies.

Yes bro, very good score.
Now just prepare for technical skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

My score is
Qa 97
Va 54
Ps 86
Can I get calls

You will get calls. Don’t worry.

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My percentils are
Quant 90.3
P.s 57
Verbal 97
Will I get any call?

Why is it my application status still showing applied for Aptean though the last date is Oct 12 ?

Means you are not selected. But they might consider your profile in the next drive.

Did u get any calls?

My Elitmus scores(percentile)
Will i expect calls from companies??

Yes, your score is decent. You will get calls.
Did you apply to Mindtree?

Yess but when I applied my new score was not released…result was declared yesterday.

Then it means your old score was sent to the Mindtree and other companies.
You new score will be sent in the next drives and the applications you submit from the time your new results was declared.

ohh… Okayy Thanks

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verbal - 62.96
problem solving - 50.03
quantative - 85.25
total - 72.20
what are my chances

Verbal =37
Problem solving = 67
Quants = 7.50

What are my chances?
Please suggest me how to improve my score.