Accenture | IT operations associate role | 2018 batch

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Hi, May i know if the drive for IT operations role in Accenture is level 12 or 13?
Also is it an Admin role? Anyone who can brief me more about this role or is it a good choice to opt for ?

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Hi Violina,
Profile is Level 12.

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Ok, Thank you!
Also any idea how many rounds of interview will be held?

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Direct interview TR+HR. There might be a GD round but chances are less.


I attended the drive. Approximately 50 girls attended !!

First there was a test. This is a new addition as per the person who looked like to be from Accenture. The test is very easy. 39 cleared it. And I think there was no cut off in Elitmus PH test as there were girls with negative marks also.

While waiting I talked to one person arranging interviews and he said every one knows Elitmus test is difficult so Accenture giving second chance to all even if Elitmus test score is bad. This will how it will be for all future drives for software role as well and not only girls drives of IT operations.

After clearing test there was a technical and HR interview clearing which is matter of luck. Then they collected after admit cards and documents . Anyone gets more information please post here


Whoever has written elitmus test will get a call and first round was a very easy test.

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Hi there,
I got a mail regarding document verification. I was given 15 tasks. 1 of my tasks are still pending.
Have you got the offer letter yet??

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Hi, I didnt get the offer letter even though all my tasks are approved. But two of my friends got it.


Whatโ€™s the joining date of your friends??

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Yesterday, i.e. 25 September.

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How many of you have got offer letter or any update after you uploaded your documents on the portal?

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I gave interview on 9 june. All documents are approved but till now no offer letter.

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Can anyone give me the link to apply plzz

Hey Shruti,
Check the job link top left of this page.
Go to search jobs and you will be able to see all the jobs listed.

Or see this link -โœ“&jobs_search[job_city]=&jobs_search[company_id]=4087&jobs_search[salary]=0&jobs_search[experience]=0&commit=Search

Tasks take some time to approve.

You guys can create a WA group for IT Operations drive so that you can discuss and help each other during the process.

ok ok๐Ÿ‘

How many task got approved?

6 approved

Now all approved