Accenture | IT operations associate role | 2018 batch

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Did you get any response till now?


Have you got?


No, did you try to contact anyone from Accenture regarding this?


Ya… But they r not giving any response.




Do you have any idea whether we’ll be getting the offer letter or not?


@violina_3453234 @kumari_3318381

Have you applied to the Application Development Associate profile?






One thing we can do is to make a group of candidates who haven’t got their offer letter for it operations and can mail them because for individual mails they r not replying. May be they reply if we mail them together.


Yes We can do that.


no you got


Can anyone give me the link to apply plzz


Hey Shruti,
Check the job link top left of this page.
Go to search jobs and you will be able to see all the jobs listed.

Or see this link -✓&jobs_search[job_city]=&jobs_search[company_id]=4087&jobs_search[salary]=0&jobs_search[experience]=0&commit=Search


how will be the drive conducted? they informed that 1 st round will be aptitude! any one could please share the experience of this drive who had already attended before


Did you attend the drive?
Got any mails for profile creation?


yep i have attended all round. they said that will send mail in couple of days.

we don’t know whether we have got selected or not…


I have attended all rounds too. If you get any mail please let me know.