Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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Is it because we have done some mistake while submitting our documents?


No. May be they not yet started validating our documents.


Okay ,can u share ur contact details to this mail ID


If u don’t mind please send ur contact details to this mail id


If you have lyk that means u vl get rejection mail dont worry abt that…just wait for few days documnts vl get approved


I have sent pls do chk


I didn’t receive,plz cross check the mail ID n resend it


Yup for the same mail id wat u have given…r else send ua number to my mail id


which tasks pending


Candidate personal details and identity details


Can u tell how you solved the problem as it is not possible to upload the both separately how did u uploaded it


Jan 5th batch people (Bangalore location ) can join this group and who are waiting for offer and joining letter.


can any one please tell me that how was their technical test in previous drive because i want to attend the upcoming drive.


Hey bro do you appeared in Delhi off campus drive on 5th Jan 2019


Just prepare with basic apptitude questions,English section was better and go for some c programming questions and data structures and some basic networking questions like bus topology etc and yeah few questions from electronics and electrical like node logic gates.


i am from cs branch. so i also got questions from networking .
just wanna confirm.


You can expect some questions from computer networks basic questions.


I am not soo sure because before the aptitude test they did some verification of my admit card and also they were saying that those who doesn’t belong to cs/it branch must write non cs/it branch on their admit cards

And I belongs to ECE.


okay . because i heard that there is a different different questions for cs brance and non cs brance. and i dont have any idea about questions.


Probably yes because they were asking before the written test.