Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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Could u pls tell me when was your intw…and all of your documnts approved after how many days ??? If you left with some documnts not approved after due date will they approve???my intw was on 12th and 13th jan…and my 2 documnts not yet appovd i got rejctn mail and refilled now…whn i logon into portal it shows lyk failed to get data could u pls tell me about this


Hey, even I had interview on 13th Jan
Can u tell me when ur documents got approved ?


People who attended drive on Jan 13th batch ,please join this whtsapp group


Only 10 got approved 2 are waitng i think on 21


Wat about urs??? How many got approved did u get any rejection mail??? Do u get any informtion lyk failed to get data when u login???


I was getting that warning sign morning, but not now ,you can join that whtsapp group,all Jan 13th batch candidates are there in that group


No, two tasks are still left.


Hi, my interview was in 6th jan, my documents approved in 3 days & rejection one in 4 days.
Try loging in after few hours, if then also u r receiving same error then sorry i dont know abt that


noo im getting all the data…but a pop up msg it comes…okay thank u…




Could u say when was ua intw


Did you receive offer letter from accenture?


i also didnt get it?
Did u contact helpdesk?


Out of 12 tasks only 2 are approved till date, anyone facing the same problem? Someone please help me, if u know why is this happening


Dont worry next week your docmnts vl get approved…its lyk 1st come 1st serve…it will take tym…our joing vl b in the month of march r feb end…we cant join in feb batch since our documnts not yet apprvd…dont worry…we vl get in next month…ua documnts vl b approved…!!!


Okay ,thank u so much


Mine got approved after due date


Could u pls tell me how many documnets got approved after due date and after how many days got approved???


Yes but didn’t receive any response


Even I’m facing same