Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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so if you got some idea about the cs branch questions please help


You can go with data Structures and c programming questions like to find the output and logic gates questions.


thank you :slight_smile:


Are you from Delhi drive if yes please let me know that do you got your job offer letter


No, I haven’t got my offer letter, di you get yours?


I have also not got it yet. I just wanted to ask you that have you got yours , so that I can get the confirmation that am I the only one who has not received it yet or others are also having the same situation.
So you have appeared in GL bajaj college right


It’s been more than 15 day when I uploaded my documents and still waiting to hear from them

So if you get any updates regarding the same please let me know.


Hey bro when did you appeared in drive and which location it was


Yes, I also appeared in the same college, give me your what’s app number , we will inform each other , if any one of us got the call letter


Do you get any updates after all tasks were approved.


Nooo i dint get any info yet…all my documnts approvd thats it


Please join this group who haven’t received Offer Letter yet

Follow this link to join my ■■■■■■■■ group:


Bro, recently I recieved another mail regarding Accenture Application Development Associate drive. The date is 2 Feb,2019.

The problem is that it says you’ve already applied though I didn’t for this new notification. But 4 months ago for which I didn’t recieve any invitation to attend drive, in fact no response.

And now I am unable to apply again freshly. What to do?


Please join this group people from Jan 5th 2019 ( Bangalore location ) waiting for offer/joining letter.


did any one got admit card for Application development associate drive in delhi location. please reply


listen have you got any mail


No, not yet. Have you?




Have anyone from December 15 noida drive… received their offer letter?


Is there any opening in bangalore?