Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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Is it work??


But I have uploaded my PDC, Issue is, I cannot see download option for Graduation details, but I can see it for Post Graduation details.


No it’s not working, really getting fed up of this thing


Don’t care about the download button, its already in the server of the Acc. So, if they reject your task agin just review the email and read the mentioned comment carefully. Because what happened in my case is I was not able to upload thr PDC thats why they rejected mine.


OK. Thank you


Anyone got LOA document Upload issue solve? Please help me. I tried with all possible formats and tried with cropping and removing all white spaces. Still facing same issue.


Helo . i am going to attend Accenture Drive scheduoed tommorow . i have 74% aggregate. but i dont have original certificates with me i have photocopies . will they reject me


Tomorrow is the interview date and still now I didn’t get the admit card or the location. I from kolkata. What is happening there??


It depends, for some it’s within 2 days or within due date or it may take 2-3 weeks


Probably on 19th jan its going to happpen in Delhi.


I got all docs uploaded on 8th Jan and on the next day the LOA was rejected ,
I edited the form and submitted it again .
Now after that no further task is being checked. When should I expect other tasks to get approved ?
Anything that I can do to inform them or should I just wait ?


Is the LOA form submitted successfully?


Yes try to submit the edited form again. Try on clicking submit button the next day


Don’t worry, if successfully submitted, it may take 2-3 days for approval


All of your tasks were submitted in one go
Or any doc got rejected ?


No…some of my tasks got rejected several times.


Ok… how many days they took for the re approval ?
I am waiting from a week…


It takes time


Anyone from 6th jan 2019 drive whose all tasks are approved got offer letter or any mail??


Is there anyone who have got Mumbai location and joining date as 28th Jan ?