Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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No, did u got any mail?


How long will it takes to Approve/Reject the Documents we uploaded ?


No. Not yet.


It took 3 days for me to approve all the documents.




Hi, I also got the same extra task, can u tell me in how many days that task will get approved


Mostly 1 or 2 days…It depends on them…


Extra task …Mean?


Ok thanks for saying


I got a task rejection in education details


Hi,I’m from december 1st drive batch I’m done with uploading and approving my documents but didn’t get my offer letter yet.Is anyone facing the same problem?


hi, is your re approval of documents approved now?


Hi,I’m from Nov 24 drive batch and my all tasks approved few weeks ago but didn’t get my offer letter yet.


No not approved yet, I sent them mail for which they responded it’s in the process of validation .


Is there anyone who have got Kolkata location and joining date as 28th Jan ?Join this group.


After how many days of getting offer letter u got joining date???


Is there any who attended Dec 1&2 drive @ Chennai and got offer letter?


After 4-5 days


Anyone Bangalore joining on 28th Jan?


Are you from 5/6 Jan drive 2019 ???