Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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How should I get the admit card for the Accenture interview?


Even I m also facing the same issue, please let me know also if your issue is solved


Mee too, where did u from u attendend drive bro. Did ur all taks get approved or not.Because my 2 task still left after cross of due date 6 dec
Any not getting updates on this behalf sucessively .So irritating nature of accenture has.


Noida and my all tasks approved


Same problem is faced by me


Hi after doing that also I m facing same issue with invalid LOA document, please help me


How much time will take for approve the documents tasks.


Hey, I am from 1st Dec batch and I received the offer letter from accenture today. Anyone else?


Hi can u help me out regarding LOA, I m getting error msg as Invalid LOA document


There might be a clarity issue in the scanned loa document. Try to scan it again and upload


I tried many times, still it’s the same


U have to crop that document plz thoroughly check it because u have to do this with a perfection otherwise it will show some error so do it again crop all the White parts only the written part should be there nd ur signature should be there and within 1MB


Should it be like this


Ya the whole page should be like dis with ur signature and date


Ok I will try


Hii, I’m facing same issue now. can you please help me. What you did after this issue?


It happened to me because I was not able to upload my Degree because I was not having it at that time. So, apply for the degree or provisional ASAP, and then upload the scanned document in the PROVISIONAL block i.e. Upload Provisional Degree Certificate, not in the Upload Degree Convocation: .


But I have uploaded my PDC, Issue is, I cannot see download option for Graduation details, but I can see it for Post Graduation details.


For BCA, I uploaded Convocation as I have Convocation and for MCA I uploaded Provisional Degree Certificate as I have PDC


Still the problem is continue,I crop almost all the white space but still it shows invalid document