Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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hai …can anyone please tell me the technical rounds in accenture,what type of questions they may ask??? plz give a reply.the reply helps a lot.thanks in advance


Prepare your btech project


Anyone got shortlisted mail from Accenture Bangalore location??


Don’t worry. There won’t be much of technical questions that’ll be asked. It will be a formal introduction and resume overview. Projects will be the only technical concept.

It was really surprising. They didn’t even ask for Resume.


Sir I attended 15th Dec Kolkata drive. All documents have been approved by Accenture. When can I expect the OL/Joining???


I haven’t attended the accenture drive yet but I accidentally accepted the invite twice i.e., for 1st Dec and 15th Dec and now I didn’t get invite for 5th jan drive. Is there any chance I can receive the invite for next drive date? Is there going to be another drive in Delhi or Kolkata in Jan?


does anyone have received accenture mail regarding the clearing the technical interview???(bangalore-6th-january).


Not yet,
Please guys, can anybody answer, when shall we expect technical and HR round results(6th Jan).?


When I will get offer letter?
I m 24 Nov batch


Bangalore 6th January batch . How much time will take approve the documents tasks normally.




have you recieved any mail after the technical intervew which is hapend on 6th january??




I got a rejection in task 5-college name wrong.I got college name by default ,it’s incorrect and it is in not editable mode how can I change .


in task 6 i have entered all the fields but when i submit it shows 2nd sem % is mandatory and 1st sem % is mandatory there is no field to enter %, help me.



I am from kolkata, the date mention for the Accenture test on 12th January. But still now I didn’t get any admit card or mail from there side. What should I do now? Reply please anyone




I m getting Invalid LOA document, when I m trying to upload LOA, can any1 help me to resolve this issue



Please Let me know what to do if my LOA is showing invalid while submitting in the Tasks. As today is a last day of submitting the documents, I am not knowing what else I can do!

Some one please help me. I have raised in the Help desk also, but still no reply from them.

Thanks and Regards,


What is the Inhand salary of this Post ? Poeple who joined please reply asap. :slight_smile: