When do Accenture start recruiting 2017 batch

I want the month

And I want the date when we’ll find another planet to live on.

Dates need not be exact, month and year may also suffice.

next yr same time

only batch 2016

Too early to expect for 2017 batch, its takes more time, Till now lot of candidates(2016) are waiting for joining dates, So don’t wait for Accenture and waste your time, Try for better opportunities.

Will it be in September or November or December

Who are we to decide the interview months, Everything in the hands of Accenture. In 2015 they started from December and in 2016 its from January. So we can’t say when it will be in 2017.

No…You canbatch Aceenture ASE batch 2017 expect by november to May or june till ends onwards
Accenture IT operation (Batch 2017 July ,September, November , January till end …

Is it operations of low salary

In my opinion don’t rely on Accenture
They do fake drive through Elitmus

R u from 2016 batch?


Do cgi recruit mechanical

I need to get job within 2 months

Don’t know

Selected in Accenture?

Yes but not got joining yet

When did Accenture start first drive in 2016 like September or November

In January

U should have attended TCS or CTS? By this time you might get call letter