Webyog QA test on 5th feb

did any1 got the call for skype or f2f interview process?

i dint. and my status is still confirmed. It hasn’t even been changed to attended. How about you?

not yet

Not yet Please let me know if someone get call for further rounds

I got a call from Webyog today, a lady asked me what I knew about Webyog and a question on testing difference between Use case and Test Case.

you directly got the call?
no email first or anything? and i thought the interview was supposed to be through skype

you got a call directly without any kind of e-mail…that’s pretty strange
I’ve been waiting for their e-mail…

even I was wondering about it, no mails just a direct call, now I looking forward for mails, let’s see what will be next.

mor a lady called & she asked about expalin about the final year project, she asked about difference between use case and test case. Then she asked about different test cases for newton login page, different type of test cases, what is MySQL. She asked about webyog and their most famous products and she asked about database testing. After 1hr she called again she said I cleared that round and there will be tech round in call itself around 6.30pm. Then a tech person called he asked me tell about myself, then test cases for a functional keyboard, recurrsion testing, integration testing , retesting and newton app test cases. Then he explained the job profile, its manual testing for email app. I asked him i require automation testing not manual. He said think about it & call me on mon , if I m k wit manual testing there will b face to face interview on mon @3.30pm in webyog office

hello guys I too got call from lady… But at that momemt i was travelling… she told me that she will call me later… she did’nt call… should I accept call from here again?

u should call back on the same num if they didnt call u back !

my status is still confirmed though i havent recieved any calls?? should i aspect a call from them ??

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hi Sai_pratha… you had told that u cleared the technical round… can you pls guide me as how was the interview round in Webyog company… what all question were asked, and is it full related to testing concepts question? pls do reply if you had been to Webyog office.

Thanks in advance…

i didnt attend the interview in webyog office. the profile he said was manual testing and upon req they might change to automation for short period of tim and again switch back to manual. its related to testing concepts and they will ask about newton app and test cases.

K thanku very much.

u got call frm dem?

No not yet… One ma’am had called she told that i’ll be getting call from tech person.

hey, my status is showing attended. However, i did not get any call or mail.

same here brother,my elitmus’s profile is showing attended,but i did not get any mail from webyog.

did u get call frm tech guy n if wat did he ask?