Webyog QA test on 5th feb

yes today i got the call.he told that face to face will be there tomorrow, and one of his team member will call and inform abt the timings and all… But no one call :disappointed:
he asked abvt testcase for ‘read receipt’ in Netwon app and many more tech questions.

ooh congrts. All d best do well.

Thanku but still long way to go… What was the testcases u had answered for keyboard?

nrml functinality of keys, numpad, numlock, home, pd up n dn button, f1-f11, den when v combine two keys lik alt+f4, audio buttons, prt scr, increase r decrease brightness etcc

Hmmm I too answered the same thing, but he was expecting more… I should improve… And do you have any idea as how will the face to face round be? If you get to know any details pls help me out…

Thanks in advance.

he said anyting aftr u said test cases?

he told on phone in face to face v vil hav few more test cases and testing types stuff only

no…he told to prepare more on testcase on keyboard and read receipt of newton app

ooh he didnt tell dat to me. U noe d features of newton app?

No i do not know in detail, but i had told that i jus used it so i guess he asked questions on it…

nop d job profile is mainly manual testing fr email app so only dey r askng u fr newton app

hmmm k

jst give me ur email id r watsapp no i vil ping u d details of newton app.


check ur mail

Thanku very much bro for your mail.:slight_smile:

Any update regarding f2f interview anyone?


Bro, what we can do now? Any idea!

Can Anyone provide the details of written test???