Urgent Attention Needed. Applied to Accenture before Getting eLitmus Score. Now the status is changed to "Not Shortlisted". Concerned about it

I was not aware of the process and I applied for “Accenture (Software Engineer Associate)” before getting my score. Now in the status tab its showing “Not Shortlisted”. My score is 115.
The FAQ in eLitmus’s website says one will never get a call from that particular company if the status shows “not shortlisted”. ( What do different status for my job application in my eLitmus profile mean?).
I have sent mail to elitmus regarding this twice but they are not responding.It’s a matter of concern for me. What can I do?

i have scored 161 and my status is not shortlisted too
accenture is selecting those candidates who solved particular questions in the exam…thats what i know.its kinda disturbing

Yes,I can understand your circumstances,but in my case, I have applied before getting my score.

Have you checked that your college name was present in provided college list by Accenture?

i think thats an optional eligibility criteria…

Yes ,I checked it @aseem_3287705 , my college name is not there in the list provided by Accenture but I think its an additional list for eligibility criteria. Isn’t it?

guyzz…i have one query
i have not given elitmus test(ph test),and i applied for Accenture Drive on 21st jan,so it suppose to give test before the drive…? or after applying they schedule our test…?

It’s not optional it’s compulsory

thats an old link of 2013 …

Now I think giving AMCAT is far better than this . Elitmus is not even giving a reply to my emails.

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