Unable to re-apply in Accenture

I am unable to re-apply in Accenture with my new pH score .What should i do ??
and today is last date to apply…and notification shows that I already applied for these company…

I am facing the same trouble, and quite disappoint about the resolution query@elitmus.com sends.
@nidhi_2424774 as I have seen you resolving many issues in other discussions, please look into this. Thank you in advance.

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You need to apply only once for a company, and for all the further drives your application is considered till you are shortlisted or not.
Like I have applied for Plackal Tech around 3months ago, after that I didn’t applied again for each upcoming hirings. But my job status was applied. Yesterday only I got call for interview.
Same with my Accenture application, I was selected for 19th nov drive but it got postponed. Then when hirings started again in Jan, I tried applying again, but I got the status as applied already. And later on I got interview call.
So rest assured, if you are eligible for a company and meet the cut-off then you will get calls.
Keep checking your job status in “My Jobs” column.
Also do subscribe to eLitmus job alerts.

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Thanks for clearing the doubt I truly appreciate your help. One thing more @nidhi_2424774, I am from WB and most of the colleges here under West Bengal University of Technology, when it comes to the college name list Accenture does not have a single college name within it’s list from my University but it has our university’s name, do I consider it like, every college falling under this university will get accepted by Accenture?
I tried to contact Elitmus care to resolve my issue and since then its been a week they did not reply to my e-mail. If you have any thought about it, kindly bother to share. Thanks.

I too had the same issue.
My university is under Accenture’s college list but college is not mentioned. So I was not shortlisted for ASE profile.
So as far as I know, they don’t consider if your college name is not in the list.
But still if your university name is there, you should apply. Atleast try.

This is so confounding, we have really good colleges under our university where Accenture visits for on-campus drive, even those college names are not mentioned here.
Is 159 a legitimate score?

Your score is quite good. You will get many calls. Keep on applying.

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Thank you @nidhi_2424774 for your support…

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can we attend accenture drive again through amcat if not selected through elitmus???

What it eligible marks or percentiles for Accenture…



do you have any idea of when our joining letters will be released @nidhi_2424774?

I added two email IDs. Still I did not recevie any confirmatory requests on my email IDs?

Can you send some material for interview prep. On s2014skp@gmail.com for Accenture drive.

Anyone having idea when will be the next Accenture drive in Bangalore.


Some of the interviewers said that joining will be in March @nidhi_2424774

Sorry , I don’t have any such material.
I studied through net only.

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Yup, I also listened this.