Unable to apply for a job

I am already selected in. I want to apply to another job. On applying to any job I am getting the following message:- "You cannot apply to any other job through eLitmus until 01 Dec, 2018 or till a time you quit the job, whichever is earlier."
What should I do.
I want to apply to Coriolis Technologies.

you can not apply for job if you have join the selected company

I am leaving the current company. I want to start applying to companies via elitmus.
What is the procedure to remove the entry of the company I am selected in?

How can I start afresh?

In current company have you been selected through e litmus??

If a candidate got a job through elitmus, he/she is put under the moratorium period of two years. If you want to apply for another company during this period, you have to submit your relieving letter at Elitmus office. For more info, Go through this. Hope it hepls.:relaxed: