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I am sharing my experience for the Cisco TAC Engineer (Contract position) so far. I got an email from e-litmus on September 12 to attend the aptitude round of Cisco. I was given two options

  • Bangalore - 16 Sep followed by interviews on 22 Sep
  • Delhi - 23 Sep followed by interviews on 06 October

I attended the test at Bangalore location on 16 September. The test Comprised of 45 questions (30 from Computer Network,10 From C language and 5 from Basic DBMS including SQL queries). The difficulty of the test was moderate.45 minutes were allotted for the test.

After the Test I got another mail from e-litmus on September 18, there it was mentioned as under (an exact version of few lines of my mail)
" Dear Aman Kumar Mishra,

We are happy to let you know that Global Leader in Networking has shortlisted you for further evaluation.

In order to attend the same, you need to “Accept” the invite that the company has sent to you. Last Time/Date to accept the invite is 10:00 AM, 21/Sep/2018 ." The interview was Scheduled on 22nd September 2018 and reporting time was 9.30 am.

I reported at the interview venue at sharp 9.30 and after completing all the formalities finally, my Interview began at around 11.00 AM ( Yes, we were offered with sandwiches as breakfast)

The Interview (in my case ) comprised of 2 rounds the first being technical, here 2 interviewers asked me some technical questions related to Networking (like MAC address, IP address, port numbers, and errors etc) and OS Concepts (Why win 10 and not win 8, paging, Clock Speed) Few questions on Number Systems were also asked. Basically, if you are good with the concepts and have little practical knowledge then cracking this round would not be tough. The round lasted for around 30 minutes.

After a break of around 10 minutes, I was again called for the Managerial round where a person (the Manager) asked me common Managerial questions like why Cisco and why TAC?
He also tested my practical skill on networking by giving me a simple troubleshooting problem on the whiteboard which was related to the default gateway and routers. This round also lasted for around 30 minutes.

After both the round I was expecting final HR round (as I didn’t know then that I am already selected: slightly_smiling_face: ) Then finally a girl announced some 4 names whom she called and informed as below

"Congratulations! You people are finally shortlisted, You will receive emails within a few days either direct from Cisco or from e-litmus! " Yes, I was one among those four people. There were few people before me also who got selected and probably there might be many more after I left.

Note: Guys I have shared whatever that has happened with me. Don’t confuse yourself if one or more thing didn’t happen exactly the same for you. My case is not absolute or perfect neither do I claim this to be. But yes if you have something to share or if you like to add something to the discussion then please comment below.

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