Sopra Steria Drive 2017 batch

Anyone knows what kind of rounds and how many rounds would they be taking in this drive?
and what to prepare for this drive(syllabus)?

u got the call??
I know about all rounds.

Will the company hire in November again? Because my leg is injured. It will take time to recover.

u got the call??

No haven’t got the call yet. Could you please tell me about the rounds and syllabus

Please tell me about the rounds

2 online tests then gd then technical then hr.
First test-sql and c objective questions
Mainly pointers
90 min (30 questions)
Second test- Flowchart based objective questions
60 min (11 questions)
Tough round

No only this time no drive in november.

OK thanks

What is your total score and percentile?

what is your score ??Pls tell me if u got call??

My scores are

Verbal 99.53
Problem Solving 90.72
Quantitative 90.32

Would all rounds be objective or there 'll be subjective questions too

All objective but rounds are tuff not easy bcoz they only take 7-8 students.

ok thanks

Do you know when Accenture and CGI drives would start for ASE profile?


is it possible to get call if my 12 marks is less than 70%


Okay, thankx

Anyone receive interview call letter??

u receive??