Rescheduling of interview date and interview venue

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i have got an interview call from elitmus evaluation pvt ltd which is to be scheduled on 30th of october at bangalore. As i stay at kolkata and m unable to reach the interview venue on time within this short span of time. So is the rescheduling of date and venue possible??

first round will be you can write from home, no need to come to benglore ,if you shortlised for next round then you can need to come to benglore at another date

so should i confirm my interview??? after thaT DEY WLL GIVE ME THE TYM FOR CODING CHALLENGE??

YES, you can confirm interview.

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31 st october evening at 5 pm coding round will start

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and what do we have to do with the admit card dat is generated for the interview???

How many times can we give elitmus??

we can give any number of times,its not a problem

for how long will my elitmus marks will be valid?? will it be valid foevr or just fr 2 months?? do i again hav to give it aftr 2 months??

it is valid for 2 years then if you want write again you can write

Hey… nid one more info from you!! I have given the elitmus exam for two times. At first attempt… my score was very high. At the second attempt, my score was very low… I want to know that which one of marks would be considered if I apply for future drives?? … should I give it again or my first attempt marks will do… plzz reply as soon as possible anyone

Hey how much score you have…
According to my knowledge they considered the best shot from your profile so no need of worry…
Plz tell how much score you have…
I have got 147 marks…
Wht are my chances of getting cal
Problem solving-93 percentile

at my first attempt, i got 150.1,
at my second attempt, i have got 78.7,

ur percentile is good… u will definately get interview calls… because with similar percentile, i hav alredy got 2 interview calls.

Thnx…for ur reply…
Howz ur academics…??
It depends upon academics also na…??

no, not exactly for all the companies… it varies from company to compny…
i have 83% in 10th, 63%in 12th and during its 84% till now i.e. 6th sem

Good you are in 6th sem right now…
Well thnku, you have clear my doubt
I am 2016 passout…and same academics I also have.only in 12 th I have more than you…
Well thnx…I was in dilema either they will cal me or not with this percentile.:slightly_smiling_face:

which college?

i have reapplied for attivo networks scheduled to be on 11th dec…what are my chances?? will i get ny interview call?

reapplied means…? will it be ur 1st tym or 2nd tym with attivo?