Needed Help regarding interview call

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I am already working in a company offered by elitmus but I want to attend other interviews also I wanted to switch to a better company. What should I do I am not getting interview call anymore.

There is a similar question I answered yesterday. Pls Go through this.Hope it would help.

If you have signed a bond, you cannot switch until the bond period is over.

You have to visit eLitmus office in Bangalore with the relieving letter after you have left your current company.

hi wali,how can I know the bond of company and also if I break the bond should I need to pay them.

Check the job details on the page. If there is a bond, it would be clearly mentioned.

For example check Attara Infotech. It is mentioned that there is a 3 year bond and to break the bond it would cost 2 lakhs.

You can also ask about bonds during the interview just to be sure.

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tq wali. after 2 or 3 years can I apply to other companies as experienced through elitmus(ph score validity)

If you get a job now (through eLitmus) and you want to apply again here, then you have to submit the relieving letter from your current company. Only then you will be able to apply to experienced jobs.

Your score here is valid for 2 years. So if you get a job from another source, you can apply later till score valid date.