[MakeMyTrip] call

Has anyone received the call for makemytrip 14th april event?

nope i didnt recieved any info regaurding the same

Any information about the postponed interview for makemytrip ,Gurgaon ??

I have solved 2 questions completely and other 1 question completed for visible test cases. No updates yet. Status shows Attended. Anyone got any info regarding this?

You have chances of getting selected,Bro I have same tomorrow what kind of concepts i should concentrate upon


I solved the same number of questions but no update yet.

have u got a call?

Not yet. Don’t know what is happening.

If someone gets a call do update

The interview date mentioned is 31st march. I guess the selected students will get the call in a day or two.

I got the call for 7th april…anyone else attending ?

How many question had you solved?

2 questions for all the cases and third was solved almost but then time got over…

i solved 1 question for all test cases and visible test cases for remaining 2

Hello, can anyone please help with the problems asked in the MMT online test on 11th march.
i want to know the questions.

Whats the status of today’s coding challenge…i didnt receive any mail to take test

I have completed all 3 with one only visible cases. But I didn’t get the call :frowning:

I also didn’t receive mail regarding today’s test which was suppose to start at 11 AM.

I didn’t get the call too. Solved the same number of questions. Was your preferred interview location delhi?

Bangalore. and urs?