Mailer 5: Why miss out on great jobs?

We shared a few examples in the previous email where freshers ended up getting jobs much better than they expected.

  • Two of 2022 batch core branch students landed jobs better than their expectations. These jobs were better than their fellow Computer Science branch students

The above are not exceptions.

Do not believe us?

  • Even top well-known colleges realise that just training students is not enough but exposing them to maximum opportunities is equally important.
  • For this, these famous colleges get their students tested on the eLitmus pH Test
  • College pays out of placement fees collected, student does not
  • The list of colleges include
    • KIIT Bhubaneswar, LPU Jalandhar, Chitkara Chandigarh, Veltech University Chennai, SVCE Tirupati, Vishnu Group of Colleges Hyderabad etc.

Attached is a sample list of students placed from a few of the colleges who partner with eLitmus from 2022 batch - eLitmus Partner Campus placements - 2022 batch

In case your college also gets tests done, let them know about eLitmus - the platform which has maximum quality jobs.

  • The college authorities can write to us at
  • PS : Only mail from college authorities is entertained and not students on the above email id

Remember, the biggest mistake one can make is to rely only on your campus placement.

  • It is 4 years and a few lakhs of yours spent on engineering down the drain
  • Remember our first mail on Amitabh Bachan and Chetan Bhagat? How they could have continued to live average lives but instead set themselves up for luck

So help your college by letting them know about eLitmus.

Play and win:

The link to the second quiz can be found at -


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