About the June-July Giveaway | 2023 & later batches category

Read eLitmus mailers → Answer questions → Win ₹₹₹ !

Amazon gift cards worth ₹ 2000, ₹ 1000, and ₹ 500 for top 3.

Top 200 of performers to get gift cards worth ₹ 100 (Amazon / Flipkart / Ola / OYO or equivalent).

How to Win

  • After every 3 to 4 emails, you will receive links to quizzes based on our mailers. For your convenience all mailers are present in this forum topic too
  • To receive the above prizes, one should have attempted all the quizzes between June-July 2022 (with 31st July 2022 being the last date)
  • If you attempt only one quiz and get all questions correct, you will receive a eLitmus pH Test scholarship worth ₹200.
  • This quiz is only meant for 2023 and later batch candidates. 2022 and previous batch candidates will have to participate in a separate quiz. Know more Here.

How to get quiz links?

  • You may subscribe to google group to receive the same early and have a better chance at winning, by visiting groups.google.com/g/elitmus-all-jobs and clicking on the button ‘Join group’.

Link to all the quizzes

  • Quiz 1 : Based on mailers 1 to 3 - Here
  • Quiz 2 : Based on mailers 4 to 5 - Here

Link to all mails

Click here to read previous emails