Leading IT consulting company

What is this Leading IT Consulting Company? Any ideas?

As per i know, Only Accenture hires for the role of ASE-IT operation. #If i guess its Accnture.Not 100% sure though.:joy:

It isnt a developer profile… right?

It is NOT a developer profile!
Read the job description. It’s all about IT operations.
You will not be doing any coding.

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It’s true that Accenture is now on elitmus???

plzz confirm it ???

it’s accenture check it at freshervoice website

Its Accenture but why the are conducting drive in ncr only?

they will conduct in bangalore later i guess

This is an off campus drive.
I don’t think it is through eLitmus as there is no mention of good pH score.

Also the job profile is Level 1 support.

anyone get interview call letter regarding interview held on 28 Oct ?

yes i got the intervew call

What will happen if I do not respond to the interview call?

If this company conducts a drive again ,u will be considered then.

I think they will call girls only,last time they call the girls as i heard from others.

You know the procedure of interview?

No …


Refer Glassdoor for interview process. Since the post has nothing to do with developing, there won’t be any online coding rounds,i guess!

what was ur total score ??