Is elitmus fooling ever1 in the name of accenture drive

I want ever1’s opinion.

first of all i want to ask why you think like this…?

Yes what happened?

Most of the guys still confused whether they are selected or rejected, no reply from elitmus office. What do u think how much time does it take to update the status.They are simply bullying to create unnecessary traffic on their website.

U got mail from Accenture? Regarding uploading documents? And 13 tasks.?

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Yes i agree to you. I am also confused about the accenture results because elitmus is not updating the status and as a mass recruiter accenture has only selected a few from the whole batch.

Me too felt the same…very annoying

Results of jan7,15 and 21 are out…if u havnt got any mail clearly means u r not selected. It is that simple.

and yes, from previous 3 weeks no companies are updating in all jobs…
I can see only 3 companies in all jobs menu since January.
Maximum of the companies are hiring but there is no update of companies in elitmus
Why this is happening…?

day before yesterday i went to elitmus office, they told to wait for a while because the accenture company has not reslesed all students result the person asked me to wait and except for positive response.

Those who are selected in Accenture within how many days they got conformation after giving HR round. Also did they get joining date.?

Does anyone have any idea about geekyants selection ?

But i asked one of my friend who is in accenture to obtain my result from the hr. He said that the hr is not able to track my id, so he said that if you had come from elitmus then the results are in the elitmus hands.

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Listen i got a information directly from Accenture dat we have to wait bec there is no confirmation to students regarding selection or rejection specially to those who attended the game test elimination round.

I am waiting for IT operation accenture. There is no college list as a criteria. ASE is unreachable.

Brother could you please please forward that particular email on below mentioned Id - .

Did anyone got any mail after filling the 13 tasks? Has anyone contact no. regarding the Accenture interview process?

True.!!! Felt the same

Bro …

Whats happened to elitmus I don’t know…4years before site was flooded with many companies for fresher… As now AMCAT is likeBut today’s senireo is horrible… Inspite each Sunday applying more then 5000…student through out the country…11+ cities
Huge money they r making only…