Interview Call From Attivo Networks

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Did anyone get interview call from Attivo networks on 26th of November, Bangalore, Karnataka

Is there any prelims before 26th of November?


Hi i have got the interview call from attivo yes there is a technical test .I dont about the same much.


We need to accept the interview call before 23rd of November.

The technical Test will be online or will it be in Bangalore ?


Bro banglore hi hai venue toh technical round kaa baki you can call me @9999009817


Can you please tell me when you got the call? And do you know its cut-off?


@nidhi_2424774 We got an email fom eLitmus. @tushar_3238423, I live in Kolkata, that is why I’m asking.I need to go to Bangalore and give the technical MCQ test on 26th.


I also got call…can anyone update what will be the rounds? @nidhi_2424774 nt sure abt cut-off mine is english- 46.34 percentile, ps- 97.70 qunt- 92.55


I too live in Delhi bud .


@tushar_3238423 are '16 batch or '17??


Bro 2017


hey I got a call as well. Prelims ? I dont think so. Does anyone know what sort of questions will be asked


Hey I got the same mail for the interview of 26th. I am also from Kolkata and 2017 batch.and now i cant decide whether to go or not .


hello akshay, I am also from kolkata and from 2017 batch.are you going?


Yes I got the call for interview


Did you get the call ?


Me too from Delhi When you are going to Bangalore ?


Mine was 92 percentile So no idea about exact cut off , did you get the call ?


I got the call for interview


@rohit_3229662 Yes I’m going to Bangalore on 25th. You’re from which college?


I didn’t got call and I’m from 2016 batch. My overall percentile is 82.