Hello when will come result

How many days it will take to come result after completion of exam

Usually it takes 8 days. Maximum 18 working days.

I took the exam on August 20th from Kolkata.
I got my scores today (September 1st).

When did you take the test?

I also took the exam on August 20th. I have not got my scores.

You will get it. Don’t worry.
My friend got his result after a few hours I got it.

I guess they are processing and updating score in batch.

You will get by night, if not then Monday. Since they only process scores on working days.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the results but its showing 0 in verbal.and 0 is not possible either it can be negative or positive.I attempted 7 questions in verbal

how much u got?

If your scores are wrong it will be updated by next week. It sometimes happens.

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Its no use calling them since they are never reachable and email takes weeks to get a reply.
All you can do is wait.


Verbal- 94.22
P. S- 91.88
Quants- 72.27
[Note: Above are percentiles]

Did it happened before with anyone? Do they they really update marks?

Yes it has happened with a lot of people before.
Check here-

Still no result!

I had appeared in Test on 20th Aug at Bengaluru. Still my result is not released.

mine too
i also appeared on 20th

In my login, it is shown Your pH Test score is released but I am not able to see the marks, and result. Please guide me

Click on the Scores tab next to All Tests. It should be there.

I had appeared for the exam on 3rd september from kolkata. today I got the result i.e within 4 days…

same case here. I also got 0 in verbal. I attempted 7 questions.Have your result corrected or not?

Thank you Wali

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it almost 20 days and no result yet