Score card showing 0 in all three section

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It is showing that my pH score is released. But when I click on it the score card shows zero marks in all three section and respective percentile. I gave the test on 05/02/2017. In the worst case scenario I would not get 0 marks. It would be either positive or negative.

I am also getting 0 marks in all three sections 5/2/2017 held on Hyderabd…i am perfectly answer the cryptarithmetic i expect 90% but it shows 0 marks…

I think so they have provided us with the estimated percentile on scoring 0 marks.

Same here. Even I got 0 in all 3 sections.
Will there be any technical error?
How can everyone score 0 in all three sections who had attended the test on 5/2/2017

Same here, got 0 in all the three sections. Looking for a response. What is this? So unexpected…

Same here .

Same here…i gave the test on 05/02/2017, bangalore. Is it any technical issue???

I think so it would be a technical issue. Because not one or two. How can everyone get 0 as their score?

But I am not sure.

Same happened with me…I gave elitmus on 5/02/2017 .Score is 0 0 0 resp everywhere. what should i do…
and i got the wrong set in exam it was supervisors mistake plz help

yeah…if you get any info regarding this then plz share it here.

We have to mail them on their given mail id and need to make a call on given number. We should ask them forward the date of applying for companies like Accenture

Where is the mail id and no plz share we will contact them


Did everyone get the same?

I appeared on feb 5 exam, and I was also expecting good pH score, but I was shocked when I got only 13.21% in verbal section, and 40% in quant section. there is definitely a technical error while calculating pH score.

Same here

Expecting above 90 percentile. But got 13.21 in verbal, 38.64 in Problem Solving n 40.95 in Quantitative, in test conducted on 05/02/2017.(0 in all the sections, Wah!!!). I will never take this exam again.

0’s in all three section… The ■■■■ is wrong with these guys?

I think almost all got 0s in all sections