HARMAN technical test

what is mavenir objective test

this is 8lpa right, what about 4.5

Hi subham
Can you pls tell us how many questions u did correct in objective test if you don’t mind ? :slight_smile:

I was not selected for interview in case of Mavenir (MCQ test was on 28th May). I have not yet given any objective test for 4.5 lpa Harman. I am also going on 27th August for the first time. You can ask some Bangalore engineers.

check here: Harman International 9th august

Resources for C++ Quiz:

hey manita,
I have got that information from some source, I have also got an invitation for the written/coding test for harman on 27 Aug. I am also not sure about the test. Some people says it will be MCQs and others says it will be coding test. Its better to prepare the programming concept for the surprises. Mainly they ask C.
Best of luck!!

Pranjal bro! They are calling us to school. Its obviously written test(MCQ). Coding rounds occur at company or home. Its not coding round. Coding round was for 8lpa.

Due to technical reasons I was not able to confirm my presence for the level-1 test. Do any of you know a way to confirm my presence now ??

I think so, it will be MCQ, The question will probably come from C, DS, C++ and Algo.

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Objective test in basic C / C++ (e.g. Arrays, pointers, control flow etc) if you clear the written test…
It is clearly written that it will be an mcq/objective test in the first round.

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thank you pranjal:)

This link will be helpful to understand complex pointer declarations. many of us are confused what is pointer to array and what is array of integer pointers? http://ieng9.ucsd.edu/~cs30x/rt_lt.rule.html

Is anybody attending the HARMAN technical test at delhi location?



Previous interview experiences for Associate Software Engineer at Harman

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ty guys for the details, attending tomorrow’s Harman

If anyone gets a call for interview on 1st of Sept
Please put a post here , so that we could know about our technical round status

How many ppl have test at Delhi Kolkata and Pune?
About 311 in Banglore