HARMAN technical test

Is there anyone who got the invitation for HARMAN test on 27 of this month


do you know anything about the type of questions going to come,

No, i am here for the same.

Anyone who is having experience regarding the technical round and interview process of HARMAN please do share here

Yes i also got invitation for coding test

Is it coding test or technical objective test

Some one please share the details syllabus of the exam.

It’s written in the description as objective test…

Anymore information?

That’s what I’m looking for too.

who is giving the technical test in bangalore

I am here for the same problem too, I also got a invitation for the written test but I don’t know what will come there or how to prepare myself for the test.

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First round was an MCQ quiz from C++, OOPS, DS and C. Then there was a technical interview round at Harman Intl. for the shortlisted candidates. In the Tech round problem solving skills were checked. They will ask few programming questions also (basics but obviously not something like palindrome and stuff) and you’ll have to answer them in the programming language of your choice. Make sure you know the basics of everything that you have written, in your resume.

hey, minimum how much percentile required in each section or total marks cutoff?? to get call from harman?

Yup ! I got too !!

Atleast 150 total marks I guess. Not sure.

How can i change my prefered evaluation location its banglore i wanna change it to delhi.

sorry bro its too late

If u have not accepted the invite yet then u can go for changing the location.