Harman Technical Test 29Oct

Guys what should be studied for harman 4.5 LPA technical test round.
They have written C/C++ but may i know what should be studied in particular

do you get the admit card of harman , my admit card is not opening in pdf reader and it is also showing blank in chrome

C,C++,DS and OOPS is what I found from many users here.

Read here also-

sorry to say bro but everything is OK with me

The problem is i have been studying Java and dont know anything about C/C++.
So i wanted some particular topics which i could have basic idea of in C/C++.
If any of you guys attended the drive before in august,then you could help me better.

I have not attended.
But here are some materials.

Test will be mainly output testing, and data structure (array, pointers, etc)
oops concepts, constructors, inheritance…

Well, it has now opened in my mobile

Thank you .U are also coming for the test?

No. I did not apply.

I got call for earlier drive, but couldn’t attend after confirming it. Is that why i didn’t got call this time?

What is your score can you please share?

I have overall score of 147. Didn’t get called for Harman. What is the minimum score that they require?

Then they will not call you.
Try for other companies.

mine is 164.maybe above 150 is what they require.I think

Last time they call low scores cndidate

mine is 120 still get a call

Okay ya
I got a call today.

what time did you get the call? I have a score of 200 but didn’t recieved the call yet!!

Is it final that we are going to have technical text on 29?

Are you from a background other than CS/IT/EC? If so, then that may be the problem.