HARMAN offer letter

Did anyone received HARMAN offer letter who attended the drive on 6th August?? If someone receives it anytime, please let me know!

@daiwadney_3176495 Have you got selected? If yes how was your interview experience and what were the questions asked?

The results are not out yet. But I have cleared all rounds and given the HR interview.
The rounds were MCQ on C, CPP, DS (60 ques 60 marks 60 min)
Technical Interview 1
Technical Interview 2
HR interview

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Basic Questions of C, CPP, DS.
Embedded system, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, RTOS.
HR questions. @aju_2941390

@daiwadney_3176495 I would like to know more about the interview process. Can you please share your email address

can u refer me some material or any websites for preparation

@aju_2941390 Yes, u can, check ur inbox.
@gaurav_3109640 Material I cant say, but go for the basic principles of C, CPP and DS as well as Embedded systems, embedded OS, basic differences such as difference between microprocessor and microcontroller, structure and union, c and cpp etc.

What was ur ph score and engineering aggregate

@aishwarya_3145979 My pH score is 140 and Engg Aggregate is 61.15. I think it doesn’t depend on your Engg Aggregate. Whats your score?

'Ph score 123 .engg aggregate 67.11

Thats good @aishwarya_3145979. But they needs good marks in every section.

@daiwadney_3176495 will they call all the candidates who have applied ?

Good marks ? What’s the range ?

I have applied some company. But still I not recieve any confirmation about the job interview. I don’t know whether after applied I need to go on event date ? . Or they itself conform ah? . Please reply

@aishwarya_3145979 As per my observations, 50+ percentile in each section and 120+ total marks is enough. But don’t know what will they consider for next drive. @nidhi_3202761

@sathish_3181906 They will send u a call for confirmation on mail and in elitmus account, as per their criteria. If u get a call and only if u can go, then only accept the call.

You must have atleast 70 percentile in each section to get a call from a company … If you have 80 percentile n more in two sections and 50+ percentile in other section then also there is a good chance of getting a call …

Hmm… I waiting for their confirmation for interview. Thanks

hey i wants a favor from you can you please tell me what type of question asked in mcq and in technical 1,and technical2.

so no one got offer letter… is anyone got confirmation of joining who selected in previous drives… plz let meknw bcoz i got cgi drive also on same date…