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I gave an online coding test and a psychometry test for HARMAN’s LEAP Engineer position on 08/04/2018. When can I expect to get an interview call? The event date on the jobs section on the e-Litmus page is 22/04/2018. Do they wait until the last moment to give out emails?

P.S - I solved all the coding questions, but I don’t know how much of an impact does the psychometry test have on the selection procedure.

Can you give us a little more insight of the Online coding and psychometric test, like duration, No.of questions and difficulty level. Which areas one should focus for better performance?

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Questions - 3
Duration - 2 hours
Level of Difficulty - Easy if you are into Competetive Programming
The questions I got were ad-hoc.

Questions 60
Duration 12 mins

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Bhai as far as I know they have not conducted any interview drive since the last month.I had given the same test on 24/03/2018 and solved all the questions but have not got any response since then.If anyone has some information related to this please do share.

Anyone recieved it?

Anyone please tell me if u have received call letter from harman

Are you talking about the Take from home coding test or F2F rounds?

Has anyone with preferred location NCR got the call for f2f interview?

Coding round

Did anyone get interview call after coding round???

Has anyone received a call of interview location as NCR from Harman Technologies? What is the expectant dates for NCR location calls so that the schedule next week can be worked out?

NCR results haven’t been announced yet, don’t know whether they are gonna be announced or not.

can you tell what was your ph score though

Can anyone suggest me ,what will be in 1st round challenge?it is showing “Coding challenge” ?
what type of question me be asked?Reply asap :slight_smile:

It is showing rigorous in-person aptitude test for me.

Reading the previous year comments, I have assumed that they test for Data structure concept.
I do want to know how well one should perform in the three questions to move to next round?

@shubhendu_3439197 have you also applied for the same on 25th march ?

Yes, I have been shortlisted. But I have very less practice in coding section

How many questions were you able to solve in the coding contest

Hey! I have a few queries.
I gave my pH test this sunday i.e., on the 18th, my results haven’t yet come out and I’ve applied for Harman LEAP Engineer program. How exactly will i know if i am selected for the interview or not because my result hasn’t yet come out and the company’s coming on the 25th.?

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