Harman interview process

Does anybody know interview process of HARMAN? and eligibility criteria of academic record for the same?

Did you get call?


For interview process you can refer glassdoor

yeah did you get call for attra infotech or HARMAN?

Did u get joings offer letter interview call ?

can anyone tell me at what percentile hermen will call for next round

what was your score can u tell me…!!!

Did anyone got call letter from Harman international?

yes just now got.

harman location pune, banglore?

interview venue : pune

whats your score?

verbal 83.34% quant 75.14% problem solving 98.83%

your interview venue is bangalore or pune??

Interview location pune

So u got the interview call? For harman?

renjith_2738858 what’s your percentile?

Why? it is not goods

just asking dude!